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I am searching for a spanish companion. Someone who is willing to put the time in and be friends with a girl first then more. Men looking for an " arrangement " or sex only relationship need not respond to this post. I am a single, white female. Healthy and physically fit, exercising 4 + days a week. You should be between 38 and 48 years old, HONEST, SINGLE & COMPLETELY UNINVOLVED.
Sacsythy, Spanish Companionship
42 yr. old · Woman Seeks Men · New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I want to find that click. Someone to be my confidant. I'm 37, blue eyes, light brown hair, white, 5'5, curvy, tan, with my nails and hair always done. I'm looking for someone around my age who wants a friend, and lover. I don't care about your situation in life. I just want a connection if one exists out there. I like more talkative men who like to converse. I am outgoing, and fun. Would like the same. Thanks for reading.

Cillamata, Connection wanted
37 yr. old · Female Looking For Male · Zurich, Switzerland, Western Europe

Hello. I'm looking to date an African American women. I have black women always smiling and giving me eye contact but I never pursue. I'm not a big fan of "tooting my own horn" but I guess this is one of those things that you have to do it a little bit, so I'm going to try being as modest as possible. I'm a gentleman, chivalry is far from dead and I'm all about it. I still open doors for ladies, walking on the side of the street where the moving vehicles are passing, giving up the clothes that make me warm in order to make that special someone warm, etc. My idol is Frank Sinatra, I love black and white films, , my favorite colors to wear are blue and white, and I like to go to thrift stores.
BLKbird, European seeking African American woman
28 yr. old · White Man Seeking Black Woman · Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Western Europe

In a World full of so much suffering, I am a bright light. I try to stay positive and contribute to making the World a better place. Single White Female, creative and pretty seeks a progressive White Male who is genuine, healthy, non-smoker, light drinker, funny, available and compassionate in word and deed. Interested in friendship first and great conversation. I'm free spirited and of course Liberal. In my mid 40's but have dated both older and younger men. Age is a state of mind...

Lisa2U, All that's Right in the World
45 yr. old · White Woman Looking For A White Man · Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany, Western Europe

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