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What I'm looking for is something different. I'm looking to relocate and start a new life in a new city and state and around new people. 24 year old mixed female no kids just one dog. I'm extremely serious about this, no scams are wanted. I'm looking to start a new relationship and a new family. I'm not picking and very adaptable. I would love to go back to school and finish my bachelor's. I love to cook and watch different types of movies, my music taste is all over, I'm not religious but I don't judge if you are. Ideally I want someone already established in life so that it won't be too hectic with both of us together.
Betclub52, Southern Love
24 yr. old · Girls Seeking Guys · Billings, Montana, USA

Im a 28 yr old swf looking for a black man to love me as i would him im craving affection and want something serious i am not perfect but i am beautiful and have a great heart and mind im very smart and love life i do smoke and drink and like to have fun so hit me up

tessa213, wanting a sexy black man to love me
28 yr. old · White Women Looking For Black Men · Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA

So the title says it all basically. I want that boyfriend that calls for nothing, texts you all the time, wants to see you, gets jealous, is overprotective, and who will love me (once we get there). I am a hopeless romantic, I like doing the cute stuff in a relationship, I like the holding hands, kissing, cuddling. I like tall guys (5'10-6'4), older guys (but not guys who are over the age of 32 years old), I am attracted to white guys (I have nothing against other races, it is just want I prefer). If you are looking for a long-term serious relationship than I am your girl, because I am ready to settle down with that one guy. ..reply u back.
AshleySonya, So the title says it all basically
30 yr. old · Young Girl Seeks Man · Lausanne, Switzerland, Europe

Gentlemen....looking for a nice man to spend some time with me. Please have your act together, no drugs, no alcoholics, no married men. I am Petite and curvy (not fat) brown hair/eyes. If you want a picture, please send one first. Likes: hiking, movies, dinner, camping, boating, traveling. I don't smoke, don't drink. I have 2 little kids that are with me 50% of the time. Interested to know more reply to ad. Thanks.

MirrayaM, I want to go out and have a good time
30 yr. old · Young Woman Seeking Man · Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

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