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Men are visual creatures. Women are emotional beings. I understand the need for attraction. But, good looks only take you so far in this life. In the long run there must be common ground, some similar interests, individuality and substance to carry a lifelong relationship through. I used to think I needed to have a good looking man. I now realize I want love, someone who is kind and empathetic.
sapphir888, Do you believe in Love?
33 yr. old · Women Seeking Men · Kent, England, UK, Western Europe

How is it that in the middle of a conversation, and a good one at that, you can end things. Twice now and I'm a special kind of stupid for even giving you this much more of my time. But I was supposed to be with you tomorrow, now I don't get to, and I don't know why. With as close as we were getting and with as happy as we were, it's so confusing to me. I have not done anything mean, I have not slept with anyone, I have not lied. I adore you and you know it. The only thing I can think of is that you were checking up on me and if that was the case what I posted was to see if my ex was still stalking me. Why do you think it was so obviously me?

Dorna09, i seeking a real lover
34 yr. old · Girl Looking For Guy · Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Western Europe

I am a man who likes to kiss deeply, laugh quickly, make love slowly and clasps all that life has to offer. I consider myself as caring, passionate, happy, outgoing with a good sense of humour. Life is far to short for any of us not to have passion in our lives so here i am. Not looking to change my existing life but need that extra something. An on-going friendship is preferred.
Thathor, Seeking similar woman
29 yr. old · Man Seeking Woman · Zurich, Switzerland, Western Europe

I'm a college educated had full ride sport scholarship, I'm a business owner. I'm fit, very clean, honest, passionate, very family orientated, go to church and a true gentleman. My family has no history of cancer, or anything. I'm looking for an amazing woman with great family values, would be an amazing mother and wants a baby but like me hasn't found the one. If we end up in a relationship perfect, but I want this to happen before that if we have a connection. Yes I will be a huge part of our child's life, I know I'd make an amazing father. I would be at all appointments, everything I'm 100percent and can support.

DoxoR, Do you want to have a baby with me?
40 yr. old · Man Looking For A Woman · Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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